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  Insulated Conductors are touch proof, no exposed live parts to contacts
  Quick & Easy Installation with single bolt, 4 Pole Hanger
  60 to 400 Amps Conductor in same standard
  60, 100 & 125 Amps in Galvanized Steel
  200 & 315 Amps in Aluminum / S.S.
  160,250, & 400 Amps in Rolled Copper
  4.5 Meters Bar Length
  Cover Designed to shed water and dust
  Joint Cover provides total protection of joints
  Enclosed Wiring for connection on collectors for safe and simple installation
  No Expansion Joints up to 150 Meters long System

  Safe to run
  No chance of accident
  Colour coded R Y B G
  Require less space
  No need for a protection guard
  No spark as spring loaded current collector provides pressurized electrical contact
  Resistant to different climate conditions
  S.S. conductors function in harsh conditions
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