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Festoon System Accessories

(1) Track Support Bracket
In the first and last track support bracket the C rail has to be secured against sliding in the horizontal direction. Therefore, 10 mm diameter Bolt into the side of the rail for the locking screws.

(2) Track Coupler ( Jointing Clamp )
The track coupler is slid halfway onto the first joint of the C rail and then clamped. The correct position can be verified at the sight hole of the coupler. The second C rail piece is inserted and clamped gap-free. The C-rails need to be cut at a right angle and deburred. Be sure that the locking screws are tightened equally to avoid any displacement of the rails in the coupler area

(3) End Stop
The end stop is inserted into the C rail and clamped at the end of the travel distance of the festoon.

(4) End Clamp
The end clamp is inserted behind the end stop and then clamped tightly.


C-Rail Bars


End Stop


Track Support Bracket


Flat Cable Trolley


Track Coupler Bracket


Towing Trolley

Hanger Clamp
Joint Clamp
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